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serve veterans and families in San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys
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When you volunteer at ACTS,
you help us give back to the community.


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Your support changes lives locally.

We know that you have many choices when donating your items and we appreciate that you have chosen us. In this video, Tony Reyes, our leader, wants you to know how important it is to donate. Those proceeds serve poor and disadvantaged families, children and the homeless.

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100% of our net proceeds
go back to the community!

It may not be something you think about every day, but at ACTS Thrift we think about ourselves as a form of recycling for the community. You and the rest of our neighbors bring us well-loved clothes, home goods, toys, books and whatever it is you no longer need, and we provide those things back to people who need or want them for just a few bucks. And all of those dollars you spend go back to the community to organizations, partners and your local ACTS employees. It’s a virtuous circle of giving, buying and giving that helps everyone in Pasadena and the surrounding area. See, recycling into reuse into dollars into community.

Kind words for ACTS Thrift from the neighborhood.

  • Not only did they pick up items for resale, ACTS also picks up E-waste. When I was visiting their wonderful thrift store, which supports local charities, I noticed an area next to the store that read "We pick up E-waste". I live in a large condo complex and we have asked our residents not to put toxic electronic items in the trash. So we created an area where they can put it. When it gets full, I schedule a pick-up with ACTS. What a great service - it's a win-win!

    Pam Scrape
    Pam Scrape Pasadena, CA
  • The ACTS pickup service is great. Easy to schedule online. Polite and helpful drivers. items go to a good cause. Have used them four times in the last month. Will use again.

    Robert Myers
  • I can't say enough about your service. This is the first time I have donated to your company. I received e-mails reminding me of my pick-up time. I also received a phone call reminder. I neglected to get the drivers name, but he was extremely polite and accommodating. He was on time and made no complaints about the number of things he had to load on his truck. I can only tell you how pleased I am. I will be using your company for any future donations. Please feel free to use my name as a testimonial for your service! I give the highest recommendation!

    Judy Gold
  • These guys were great and we plan to use them again!

    B. Hansen
  • The gentlemen were here to pick up my donations. I really appreciate the timeliness of their arrival but more importantly how polite and professional they were. I will definitely use ACTS next time I have donations.

    Barbara Kavanagh
  • "They scheduled clearly and kept their word. They took what was offered efficiently- taking apart a four-poster cherry bed frame quickly. They were neat and clean and they left a proper receipt... It was an excellent experience!! Thank You!"

    Beth Randolph
  • I was very impressed with this service, they called to tell me they were coming between 10 and 12 and I asked if they could please come at 12:30. They said they would see what they could do and they did show up right at 12:30! The driver was very polite and he loaded up all my stuff and gave me a receipt.

    Kris Johnson
  • I am thrilled with your service, and love that I can make an appointment so easily online.

  • The service was excellent and they came within the time as promised. The staff who picked up our donation were professional and gentle with the donation. I highly recommend ACTS donation pick up to everyone. Thanks so much.

    Chris B and Chuchi E Merino
    Chris B and Chuchi E Merino
  • ACTS donation drivers were professional and kind. They were on time, and great personality. Scheduling the pick-up was easy and convenient on-line. I highly recommend ACTS donation pick-up.

    Linda Offray
    Linda Offray Shepherd's Door, Executive Director
  • We are in the process of moving our family from a home that we have lived in for nearly four decades. Since we have lots of items that we have gathered over the years, we must now sort through our belongings and slim down what we will move to our next home. ACTS has been a God-sent! The dispatcher at ACTS was courteous, helpful with advice and sensitive to our needs. The driver and helper were prompt, efficient and courteous. It has been a pleasure to partner with you as part of our “moving team”.

    Robert Kladifko
    Robert Kladifko
  • Great service! I'd use them again in a heartbeat.

  • ACTS is a blessing to the communities it serves. So many families are struggling in these difficult and uncertain times. Help ACTS to continue to be a blessing by supporting their mission!

    Donna Craig
    Donna Craig
  • ACTS THRIFT STORE made it very easy to make the donations. My daughter is very pleased that some needy persons will benefit from her donations to the ACTS THRIFT STORE. The truck arrived within the time period that it was scheduled to come. The men were very courteous and helpful to me and explained what they could and could not take as donations. Your organization was very good about returning calls and communicating clearly. I would recommend ACTS THRIFT STORE to others.

    Beverly Zweiman
  • ACTS donation pick up was everything I had hoped for. We had 2 reclining chairs that we really wanted to go to a good home as they were only 1 1/2 years old, but didn't match our decor any longer. The pick up was on time and the driver was friendly and efficient. He had all the equipment he needed to to the job on his own. Thank you!

    John and Leslie Thompson
    John and Leslie Thompson
  • Tony and Raymond, Your kindness and generosity is appreciated today and always... And you deserve special thanks for making the day better- it really meant a lot! Thanks! I'm loving my new sofa. Thanks to you for making it happen! Have a great day...

    Shelia Mason
  • I requested my pickup through the ACTS Website. It was very easy and precise. The response with a date and time was within a 5 minute period. They reconfirmed the date and time prior with an approximate time frame. I told them where the items would be and put a list of the items in an envelope. When I got home from work the items were gone and a thank you was put in my door. Very, very efficient. Thank you

    S. J. Ferfuson
  • When it seems that donating items is becoming more selective and harder to schedule, ACTS was "Johnny on the Spot." I was able to donate and have them pick-up furniture, clothes, household items, etc. They were not able to take certain items which I expected, but were very honest and up-front about it. I would rather donate the items (bi-fold doors and rugs) than have them take and then toss. Would defintely use again!

    Chris Lowe
  • They arrived right on time (beginning of the window of time that they gave me.) Both men were polite and very quick to remove all the items that we had left for ACTS. It was a very pleasant experience just like when I drop things off at the store. They are always happy to get my donations and I know it is going to a good cause.

    Judy Packard
    Judy Packard
  • The driver and his assistant were both very polite, courteous, and efficient.

    Linda Maher
  • I had all the furniture sitting in storage, I am contributing to ACTS to let them make a profit to help the community, that was my decision. I gave them a call and asked for a donation pick up. I decided to do it online so I could fit it into my schedule. It was very easy and the best service in town.

    Grace Wong
  • The driver was very friendly and helpful and dispatch was very accommodating to my schedule.

  • It's a convenient service, especially if you can't fit your donations in your car.

    Kim Milanovich
  • Brian Kladifko was very helpful. The Driver was on-time and very courteous. The process could not have been easier.

    Andrew Leonard
    Andrew Leonard
  • I make a lot of donations to ACTS but this was the first time we had a pickup. All went very smoothly. My first communication on inquiring was from Brian and he was so helpful and made everything easy for us. The driver was on time and picked up extra items in addition to the item we had requested be picked up. It is always a pleasure to donate to ACTS because the people are very nice and helpful.

    Dawn Tate
  • It was great. I would have preferred a sooner pick-up date, but it worked out alright. I appreciate the great service. I greatly appreciate that ACTS gives back to Pasadena non-profit organizations.

    Carolyn Ryden
  • I went to the Acts store in Pasadena because the item (large entertainment center) I wanted to donate was too big to fit in my SUV. I spoke to the manager who introduced me to the Dispatcher. Brian was able to assist me in scheduling  a pick-up time within a few days. The driver arrived on the date and time scheduled and even called me to say he was on the way and left a receipt for the item donated. I was very pleased with the Customer Service by all of the people I dealt with on this occasion and would recommend ACTS Thrift Store to friends and family.

    Michael Bugh
    Michael Bugh
  • Thank you for coming to pick up my donation. I usually drop it off at your store, but this was a good sized amount that wouldn't fit in my car. Scheduling a pick up was super easy and the reminder call the day before was actually a real person and not an automatic machine. Thank You!

    Anna Cremarosa
  • ACTS made the donation process incredibly easy. It was so very convenient to be able to schedule the pick-up on a day of my choice and the driver arrived early in the time window to pick up the furniture. I would definitely donate to ACTS again.

    Lisa Storrie-Lombardie
  • I was so relieved when ACTS agreed to pick up my oak computer desk. It is a beautiful piece but too large and heavy for me to move. The driver came with a dolly and got it into his truck with no trouble at all. I am grateful that my sturdy desk is on its way to a new home.

    Irene McDermott
    Irene McDermott
  • The folks at ACTS are professional and courteous when picking up my stuff. I think it's a great way to be able to give back to the community!

  • I was contacted by phone and email as to the time for the pick up, which was so helpful. And they came right in the middle of the time-frame so it was very accurate. Also when directing the men as to what to take, I mentioned that the portable heater did not work, so they would not want that-- forgetting that you take e-waste. He was great and reminded me so that was one more thing that was cleared out! I so appreciate being able to direct my donation to a specific charity-- and the same for the e-waste donations. Every time I have dealt with ACTS-- both when delivering items to be donated and when the truck came to pick up the items, everyone has been very helpful.

    Drue Lawlor
    Drue Lawlor
  • I was glad to find out that ACTS Thrift Store can take all kinds of donations specially Electronic Waste any day of the year. I was extremely glad when ACTS accepted to take my 16 year old 43 inch Projection TV that nobody wanted to buy or take for free. The online scheduling of the pick up was easy to do, to which I received an instant e-mail confirmation and a reminder of the pick up 1 day prior to the pick up date. The pick up service was excellent and on time. I liked ACTS Price list of donated items showing the lowest and highest suggested value of common donated items.

  • The Pick-up Service is very good; it helps me when I have other things to do because the drivers are always on time, and they call, making sure that I am there. It is the convenient way to go. I thank God for ACTS Delivery Service. Thank you!

    Harold Lenn Levingston
    Harold Lenn Levingston
  • We were very pleased with our experience with ACTS. The driver was very helpful when picking up our DVD stand, and we were able to make the appointment online. The process was very quick and easy. We will definitely be donating items to ACTS in the future!

    Evan and Rachel Douglas
    Evan and Rachel Douglas
  • Great customer service. Very easy process.

  • This was a very easy service to use and I was able to designate the organization I wanted my donation to benefit. I am very satisfied with my experience and will use ACTS in the future.

    Darin Kita
  • ACTS donation pick up service is the best in Pasadena. They were so professional and kind. We donated e-waste that had been collecting dust for months. We're so grateful for the Acts Donation Team for helping us clear it all out.

    Kara Alii
  • Using the ACTS donation pick-up service made it easier to donate my furniture, household items and clothes. I scheduled a pick-up online, and promptly received an email confirmation. I even received a reminder phone call the day before the pick-up. I had a lot to donate, so it was on my front lawn and clearly marked for ACTS. The driver was police and helpful, and was careful not to take items that weren't for ACTS.

    Allison Gibson
    Allison Gibson

Your donations, your purchases, your time-the things you do for ACTS Thrift directly affect the lives of our communities youth and our brave veterans. The net proceeds here are dedicated to helping the Stars program and Front Sight Military Outreach program, both faith-based non-profit organizations whose mission is to unleash the God-given potential of at-risk youth, providing them the tools necessary to thrive academically, emotionally, economically and spiritually. ACTS also supports Front Sight Military Outreach, which provides a Christ-centered community where veterans and their families can find comradery, trust and healing for their visible and invisible wounds.

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